What are Niska and Aya Nakamura playing?

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The two lovebirds could get their wings burnt if they try too hard to create a buzz.

A few days ago, a simple photo with a silly caption of Aya Nakamura sent thousands of Internet users into a frenzy. She appeared with a poached eye, looking banged up, with a small comment: “Thanks to whom? This suggestion was more than enough to fire up her fans and feminists, who called Niska names, even though there was still speculation about the relationship. A video of Niska and Aya Nakamura embracing each other, released after Aya’s famous photo, convinced the sceptics. They believed the story that Niska was hitting Aya for no reason and that she was carrying a baby whose fate they had not yet decided.

In short, the affair took on considerable proportions for a star like Aya Nakamura, an idol of the younger generation who broke Edith Piaf’s records in Holland. For some reason, the two stars decided to take to Instagram to explain that the whole thing was just a buzz to boost interest in their featuring, which was due to be released this month. The release was even more controversial than the photo, with many internet users saying that domestic violence is a serious issue. Aya Nakamura had no right to make fun of it, just for a song.

The Malian-born star apologised and announced that there would be no more videos of the song “Sucette” featuring Niska.


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