Dadju’s “King”: the new video is a big hit!

by | Apr 12, 2022 | new releases | 0 comments

Seven days on Youtube and almost 9 million views! “King” is the first single from the artist’s third solo album. It tells the story of a couple who are not doing well and their driver wants to be the “king” of the woman…

“My friend, when you can’t do it, you have to leave your place. Your arm is too short to take what’s shining in space. Let me take care of her in an efficient way”. These words sum up the essence of his message and why he wants this unloved woman, a nod to “Queen”. “She wants a king like me” he adds to the chorus.

For the video, Dadju changes his look and fans find it hard to recognise him in the role of the husband with a “shaved” head and an abundant beard. He also plays the driver, but in this role, it’s all about him.

Another love story, this time with Afro love sounds and music lovers love it!


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