Death of Carla Kéké: Tina Glamour addresses the Ivorians with passion!

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In a video circulating on the web, Tina Glamour expresses her anger against the Ivorians who reproach her for her absence at her daughter’s side during her illness and therefore before her death. As she says, she can no longer stand the excessive criticism!

Two and a half years ago, the artist lost her 33-year-old son Dj Arafat in a traffic accident. And on 22 February 2022, her daughter Carla Kéké at the age of 22, whom she affectionately called baby Carla.

She died while being interned at the CHU of Cocody. She suffered from a liver problem since childhood, as her father Kéké Kassidy revealed last year when she was declared dead on the web.

Tina Glamour had already been criticised after her son’s death, which she took without saying a word, and now the criticism is back on the table. She is fed up and declares that she has hatred, a heart of stone and that no one should come to her page to insult her anymore. In fact, she told people to unsubscribe from her page! Nobody helped her throughout her daughter’s painful illness…

So she vehemently expresses her pain of having lost two great children and of being booed at the same time. She says in short:

“I just lost my second child, whether I’m a bad mother, whether I travelled to London, it was my art money there that kept my daughter in the Hospital! It was my business money that made me pay my child’s bills.

I am revolted, angry with Ivorians (…) I am fed up with you all, I don’t love you any more, I am not your rag. Do you know what it is to lose your child? Fuck you (…) I went to London, I did my job, I don’t owe you. I don’t have to answer to any Ivorian because you don’t give me anything. Leave me alone…”.


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