Sing, the application that makes you sing with the whole world

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Also known as Smule, this tool allows you to karaoke in duets or groups with connected people, even with world stars.

Seal, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, etc. All stars you would never dream of meeting, let alone sharing the stage with. But with the Sing app, it’s perfectly possible. So how does it work? These stars pre-record themselves singing their song, leaving you a few words to sing, and that’s it.

So don’t hesitate to download this application and choose the music you want to sing with them. Who knows? Your luck may change. As was the case for Tom Bleasby, a young British man. After recording himself on the app as a duet with Jessi J, Internet users were seduced by his voice. His video quickly went viral. The singer herself bowed to this talent and shared the performance on her various social networks. The video has been viewed more than 8 million times on Facebook. The young man was subsequently contacted by one of Beyonce’s producers.

Sing is also a good application for learning to sing. The application first analyses your voice to better adapt the exercises that will improve your pitch. The aim is to train your ear and brain to recognise the right tone. With the added bonus of progress monitoring and expert advice, you’re ready for in-depth work.


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